7 Types Of Annoying Players At The Poker Tables Don’t Be Like Them!

The bad cup, the know-it-all and the stalker are just some of them. If you identify with any of these bettors, you are definitely doing wrong.

Casinos are great for hours of fun, but even in these places there is a downside: annoying players at the gaming tables . Fortunately in Strendus you don’t have to deal with them (point for online casinos), but if you want to leave home from time to time and enjoy this earthly paradise, we warn you that you may find one or more gamblers that you wish you had never encountered. . And waters! Don’t be one of them .

The Know-It-All 

Whether it’s with the intention of getting attention or just because he wants to start a conversation, he starts giving advice on poker, other casino games, and even life. The most curious thing about this character is that when you want to share a bit of your wisdom, he or she has to correct you or give you a “more useful” piece of information than yours. That’s why many would prefer you to keep your advice to yourself and focus on playing.

Bad Drink

Casinos come to offer free drinks and well, this is where our friend the bad drink comes in. To begin with, it seems that he goes to the casino mainly to drink instead of gambling , then he starts with the typical drunken symptoms: the words do not flow correctly, he staggers and starts arguing with the other players or even the dealer . In extreme cases, he starts a fist fight or becomes insolent or unpleasant with women.

The One Who Bluffs Too Much

Yes, we know that bluffing is a strategy in which you have to make your opponents believe that you have a very good hand, but even in bluffing there are limits. The extreme bluffer is the one who goes around making gestures and sounds of joy every time he receives a letter or who says phrases such as “uuufff, what a good letter” or “now no one can beat me.” He literally overreacts and it’s so obvious that everyone notices.


This player believes that everything that happens to him is the fault of others and that is why he takes it out . If he’s not doing well in the game, he immediately starts swearing in the air, at the dealer or even other bettors, and if he loses, you can imagine. In most cases, the other players at the table support it, but when it gets too heavy there are those who prefer to change tables and those who decide to complain to security.


Pranksters generally like each other, but when they start out “confident” the environment can get uncomfortable. The thing with this guy is that he talks to others and jokes about them like he’s known them all his life , sometimes touching on topics that most people would avoid. Like when he starts joking about how someone looks. It may be funny for a moment, but in the end no one is saved from the joker.


It is one thing to observe the expressions, gestures and movements of the opponents from time to time to have a clue about their hand and another is to see them throughout the game. Sometimes it even seems that it is a “duel to see who can hold out the longest without blinking . ” Our tip for this type of player is: if you don’t know about body language, focus your attention on your hand and don’t stare at one person for so long. Is rare!

Drama Queen / King

If these types of people can be quite annoying in a relationship, in a poker game they are even more so. The dramatic gambler claims everything and suffers for everything that happens to him during the game . He also asks questions like “what did I do to deserve this” while telling everyone around the table his misfortunes . Admittedly, it is sometimes fun to have him around just for the gossip, but when you have to play the role of psychologist, the picture changes. Ignoring it is not an option because it makes even more drama.

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